Friday, 11 February 2011

Tutorial: Messy Metal Wire Hanging Heart

Here’s the last one of these hanging heart tutorials! This heart steps away from the cliché reds, pinks, and softness associated with Valentine’s day in favour of a more industrial inspired style.

Time needed: approx 1 hour

You’ll need:
Various gauges of wire
Pliers (heavy duty and jewellery pliers)
Bead stringing wire
Cord or ribbon for hanging

1. As with the heart dream-catcher tutorial, make a circle with your thickest gauge wire (an old coat hanger is good) and form a loop by bending one end of the wire and wrapping the other end around the loop.

2. Reshape into a heart and wrap 2-3 other lengths of wire around that shape.

3. Wrap 2-3 lengths of finer wire (I used jewellery wire) around the heart, being sure to wrap it several times around each end of the wire left sticking out in step 2.  Also wrap a length of wire around the hook you created in step 1.

4. Use a crimp to attach the end of a length of bead-stringing wire to the top centre of the heart, closing the crimp with flat nosed pliers.
Thread on another crimp, then your bead(s) and two more crimps. Don’t close the crimps yet.
Fix the end of the wire to the bottom point of the heart with the lowermost crimp on the wire and cut off any excess wire.
Position the beads on the wire and close the crimps to set in place.

5. Add a piece of cord or ribbon to hang. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed and been inspired by these heart tutorials! I've had fun making them and experimenting with different materials!

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