Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tutorial: 'Heartcatcher' - dream-catcher hanging heart

For the fifth instalment of my hanging heart tutorials, I decided to do something a little different.
I have seen plenty of circular dream catchers, but this one is shaped like a heart--a heart-catcher!

This particular mini-project is fiddlier than some others, but has a good-looking result.

Time needed: approx. 1 hour

You’ll need:
Bead stringing wire
A few beads
Flat nose and round nose pliers

1. Form a circle with the wire and create a hook at the top by bending over one end of the wire and wrapping the other end around it, using the pliers.

2. Bend the circle into a heart shape.

3. Cut a length of bead stringing wire (I used around 120cm) and use a crimp to attach the end to the top of the heart, by the hook. Close the crimp with the flat nose pliers.
Thread on another crimp and wind the bead stringing wire around the frame of the heart leaving a loop. Thread back through the crimp and close the crimp to secure.
Continue this all the way around the heart-shaped frame.

4. Now add a second row of slightly smaller loops, using crimps, but this time looping the wire around the centre of the first set of loops. The outer loops will slip around a little as you work.

5. Begin the third row of loops again making them smaller than on the previous row. At this stage you can start to add the occasional bead on the loops.

6. Add more rows of loops making each row smaller than the other. As you reach the centre of the heart you might find you need to skip some loops. To finish, use a crimp to attach the end of the bead stringing wire to the final loop and cut off the excess.

7. Add a length of ribbon and hang.


  1. Beautiful! Think I'll use gold wire and garnet chips. Or copper wire and tiger eye beads. Or black wire and silver beads... so many possibilities!!

  2. Very nice, thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  3. This is gorgeous! I took the time to write down the directions & drawings. Definitly a keeper! Kim C.

  4. Thanks for the share..I love this project.

  5. I love your project and really want to try it out so would love to know what gauge of wire you used to make the heart frame?
    Louise x

  6. Very clear and easy to follow, thank you. I love dream catchers and this one is a definite winner. I will add it to my collection!


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