Monday, 21 February 2011


Making these ‘Monstar’ monsters has been a hobby of mine for a few years. Now I’ve made a whole heap of them!

It began with Percy (above, far right). I made him to kill some time and use up a few fabric scraps (and also some of the soft toy eyes I bought in a closing down sale).

After Percy came others; I experimented a little to make monsters with different shaped heads, ears, and three legs!

These are so simple and fast to make that I moved on from making them just for myself, and made a bunch for friends, too!

Whilst some went to parts of the UK, others went further afield:

Jasmonster went to live in Finland. He wears a rose-and-feather headpiece and has a toy dinosaur all of his own.

This monster, inspired by the song ‘MOnsTar eAT CanDy & cHocOLaTo’ by Japanese band the fool, went to live with a fan of said band in Tokyo. His chocolate and candy are movable.

MiMo went to live in Canada. His zippered mouth can be unzipped and his clock counts up to 13. MiMo is inspired by MiMi, vocalist of Japanese band THE VELVET.
(Picture has been swiped shamelessly from the blog of MiMo’s owner.)

This vinyl-and-polkadot monster sports a cute red bow and lives in the UK--but watch out for those sharp teeth!

Another UK resident, this piratey guy loves to wear an eye patch, even though he has two eyes.

With a ton of fabric scraps, embellishments and plastic eyes still waiting to be used, these are far from being the last Monstars.


  1. I <3 my monstar! XD

  2. MiMo!!!! <3333
    He seems to have sibling polkadot devils XD

  3. Yay! The Monst☆rs!!
    Mine is currently sitting between a skull and a voodoo theremin haha
    I'm going to post this on HSL <3


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