Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tutorial: Engraved Wooden Hanging Heart

Today’s heart how-to is the second to last, and uses thin plywood to create this lightly engraved wooden hanging heart.

I used birch plywood for this little project; it’s thin enough to cut with scissors. Plywood can be bought from good model shops.

Time needed: approx 1 hour

You’ll need:
Thin plywood
Heart template
Hole punch
Fine sandpaper
Clear varnish (I used spray varnish)

1. Draw a heart on the plywood using the heart template and cut out with scissors.

2. Use sandpaper to smooth around the edges.

3. Make a mark on the heart with pencil where you want to thread the ribbon through. Take the bottom off your hole punch.

4. Turn the hole punch upside down and slide in the heart until the mark you made in step 3 is visible through the punching hole at the bottom of the hole punch. Once aligned, punch out a hole on the heart.

5. Use a pencil to draw the pattern you want to engrave on the heart, but take care not to press too hard. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake as it can be erased.

6. Engrave the pattern into the wood with the point of one blade of the scissors. This might take some time! If you’re using birch plywood as I did, scraping away the top layer of wood will reveal a reddish shade underneath.

7. Once you’re happy with your engraving, spray the heart with clear varnish. Once dry, add ribbon or twine of your choice to hang.
Painting: If you wish to paint your heart, use some acrylic, poster paint or wood stain to decorate it before varnishing.

Come back tomorrow for the final instalment of these hanging heart tutorials!

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