Monday, 30 January 2012

Valentine's Day Craft Recap

Yet again v-day is creeping up on us! I don't have that special someone to send a card to or craft a gift for, but I still like to craft things that are 'Valentine-y'!

This year I've yet to make anything that falls into this category, but here's a recap of my favourites from last year's Valentine season. Back then I didn't have a clue about things like link parties and so on, so they kind of got lost in the internet undergrowth :)

First off, here's a little necklace I made. It was slightly fiddly to make, but turned out well (and even better considering it was made entirely of things I had to hand!)

Let's move on to something small and easy-peasy:

One of my absolute favourites! I've had the beads since I was a child so it was nice to finally find a good use for them!

This was pretty fiddly to put together, but turned out pretty well, I think!
If I make another one, I'd probably make the loops tighter.

Messy Metal Wire Heart
My absolute fave of all my hanging hearts! (Check the valentine's tag to see all of them!)
Making this took a while and it got to the point where bending it was difficult, but it's cute and unusual, and the messy style is very definitely me :)

Little hanging hearts aside, of course there's lots of other V-day crafts out there! I went a bit mad with heart-related crafting last year, as you can see...

Button Badge Heart Picture
This took ages! ...and I took it apart again a few days afterwards. Haha.

Ruffled Heart Wreath
Despite my rather slap-dash approach to making this, it turned out pretty well! Unlike the button badge picture above, it's still in one piece.

I'm still struggling to regain my crafting mojo, but here's hoping I'll come up with something new to share here soon! 

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  1. Lovely ideas!
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