Monday, 24 January 2011

Tutorial: Key To Your Heart Necklace

Valentine's Day is only three weeks away, and this cute necklace is perfect for wearing on a date, giving as a gift, or just to get into the Valentines Day spirit!

This short tutorial explains how to make your own Valentine's Day necklace.

Time needed: 15-30 minutes

You'll need:
Silver chain
Jump rings
Necklace clasp
Small heart buckle or similar for centre
Silver key and heart charms (mine came from the card-making section of the 99p store)
Red droplet beads

1. Cut a piece of ribbon slightly larger than the size of your/the recipient's neck. Thread on the heart buckle.

2. Fix some chain onto the back of the buckle (you'll cut it to length in a moment).

3. Thread the greek springs onto the ends of the ribbon and close them. The ribbon I used was rather thin so I pulled it all the way through the springs then knotted the ends for extra security! Attach the necklace clasp to the loop of the springs.

4. Cut the chain to length so that its a little longer than the ribbon (as in the first picture) and attach to the loop part of the greek springs.

5. Fix the charms and beads to the chain, alternating them along the front half of the necklace.

6. Have a happy Valentine's Day!

Also, check out this Rose Caged necklace:

This was made using a Christmas decoration, which I fixed a loop and chain to. I put an artificial rose inside and wrapped smaller, wire-stemmed paper roses (from the haberdashery section) around random bars of the cage.
This necklace is rather large--something for the more flamboyant among us!

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  1. I absolutely love both! The Rose Caged necklace reminds me of Suppurate System's nicer items XD (Definitely a good thing)


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