Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Attic Treasure: Vintage Suitcases

Since I've been turning out my belongings and changing things in my room again, I've been having a think about my fabric storage.
At present, my fabrics live in two big plastic boxes, underneath the bed. The boxes match my room (purple) but the lids are broken (from cramming too much inside!) and...well, why use modern plastic boxes when I can use these charming vintage suitcases?

These have been in our attic, along with some others, for years. They came from the houses of various deceased relatives; one of them even has the tag on from when it was put into storage decades ago by its previous owner.

Being so old - and well-used - these cases are pretty battered and in a bit of a sorry state in places.

I'm torn between preserving the original interior and using drawer-liners to cover the bottom of the case, or gluing in some new fabric. The bottom of this case is the worst; the fabric has worn/rotted away! (Admittedly, some of it disintegrated when I wiped the case out...oops...)

All of these cases came out of the attic with things in, which I have since relocated to clean, secure plastic boxes. Old photographs, bibles, certificates--the amount of family history within these cases is amazing; I just wish I knew who all the people in the photographs were!

The three cases I liberated from the confines of the attic were mucky (not from our attic, I might add!)  and very worn around the edges, but that just adds to their charm.

I've wiped all of these out and they're currently sitting open in my room to air a bit. At the moment they have that musty attic smell to them, which I don't want getting onto my fabrics!

Despite their flaws, I think these cases are fabulous!

...well, they are British ;)
(Patriotic, moi?)

What would you do with the interior of these cases? Recover with new fabric? Leave as it is? Decoupage? Something else...?

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  1. Love the antique suitcases. There are so many different uses for these cuties.


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