Sunday, 14 August 2011

Carpet and Thread

Remember the interiors samples I posted about recently, along with the big bundle of embroidery thread?
It was the carpet sample that I had more trouble finding a use for, but after a brainwave moment in Poundland, I got out the sample and some of the embroidery thread, and made this simple framed decoration (I think calling it artwork is pushing it a bit!)

The frame came from Poundland; everything else was free!

Putting this together was so easy!
The carpet sample was a little big for the frame, so I cut it down with a Stanley knife, then used scissors to trim about 1cm of the fibres off around the edge:

After that, I simply wound four lengths of embroidery threads around the carpet sample so that they overlapped:

(I secured the ends of the threads at the back with a bit of tape)

This currently sits on the desk in my room, hiding the plugs!

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  1. That's really simple but lovely and that frame is gorgeous! Hurrah for Poundland!

  2. I like that wrapping effect - a lot!! I've never heard of Poundland, need to look that up to see what I'm missing :)


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