Tuesday, 9 August 2011

British Riots

(Following in the footsteps of the lovely Samantha at At Home With Mrs H!)

By now, I should think those in countries outside the UK are aware of the riots of the past few nights.

The first riots occurred in Tottenham on Saturday after a peaceful protest over the fatal shooting of a man by police. Since then, there have been nightly riots and looting that have spread across London and into other cities: Croydon, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol...

These riots are not happening as a result of the protest. Some rioters interviewed by the media have no clear reason for rioting; some rioters picked up by police are as young as seven.

People have lost their homes, their businesses, everything.

Many are using these riots as an excuse to complain--about cuts to spending, about David Cameron, about all kinds of things that honestly are irrelevant right now.

On a more positive note, today began a riot cleanup operation! People went voluntarily to the areas affected by the riots and helped to clean up the mess. This is what Britain is all about: community, solidarity and support. People helping because they can, not because they gain anything from it.

I truly believe that such positive action is a thousand times more powerful than the negative actions of the rioters.
So whilst I am unable to go and help with the cleanup, I have done what I can--used twitter and facebook to repost information about relevant groups and sent out positive thoughts that the situation will soon be resolved. 

Major kudos to all those who helped with the cleanup, all those who have added to the positivity, be it through prayer, positive thought, forwarding on links and information, making tea for the hardworking police officers trying to control these riots, spreading positivity in the face of these negative acts, and showing the good old British solidarity!  

And I would like to request that all you lovely people reading this might do the same: whatever your faith, please send out a positive thought or a prayer that the riots here in Britain will be resolved, that the innocents affected by these events are given the support they need to get their lives back on track. 

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