Thursday, 18 August 2011

Travel: Egypt

A blog that I’ve been loving recently is Bohemian Valhalla, run by the lovely Dawn. I found it via Pinterest and have spent a lot of time since drooling over the beautiful pictures!

Inspired by the holiday pictures Dawn posted recently, I decided to share some of my own snaps from holidays gone by!

In my teens, I was lucky enough to go on cruise ship holidays and see a little of the world. I am forever thankful that I had this chance, since it’s allowed me to experience so many places!

I’ll start off with a few pictures from a country that has always, inexplicably, been close to my heart--Egypt.

Being a port of call on a cruise, we only spent one day there. But I went on a guided tour with my family. Our coach went from Port Said all the way to Cairo, via Saqqara. This meant travelling along both dessert roads and madly congested highways, where luxury coaches travelled alongside donkeys pulling carts (I kid you not!) 

Saqqara has a number of ancient structures, including this! (I don’t remember what it was...however there are pyramids and other ancient buildings nearby)
I saw a documentary on TV a while ago that showed through satellite imagery how archaeologically significant the area is.

The journey to Cairo seemed to take hours and was somewhat bizarre, since the coach was air conditioned yet it was clear how warm it was outside!
Still, the weather was utterly beautiful!

Heading into the city, all to be seen on the horizon was nothingness...then, out of nothing, those infamous three pyramids materialised.

Up close, the Sphinx was actually smaller than I imagined it to be. 

It is also surprisingly close to the city.

The journey back to the ship was another long one. I had been awake since 3 a.m. and the sun was setting...yet I felt utterly invigorated by this beautiful country!
The sunset itself was amazing - unfortunately I have no photographs - since it happened so suddenly, but so vibrantly. 

I have a lot of other pictures that I'd love to share, but they're all stuck into old photography workbooks from my college days. I went on this trip before I owned such thing as a digital camera and used up multiple rolls of film on this trip alone!

Whilst the revolution has made Egypt appear unstable, it is a beautiful, culturally rich place with friendly people. I sincerely hope to return there in future!

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