Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pinning Inspiration #13

For all I might complain about my country sometimes, I'm still pretty proud to be British. We have tea, a damn cool flag and a queen who jumps out of helicopters! (Okay, not quite, but it was still an entertaining performance).

So the theme for this week's Pinning Inspiration is Cool Britannia! All things union jack, cream tea and Her Majesty.

Union Jack room, for those who really love it :)

It might not be a royal throne, but this chair is fit for a queen!

If you feel more like a Cinderella, this Union Jack-printed cooker is perfect (for boiling water for tea in an old-fashioned kettle, of course!)

Union Jacks getting a bit too much for you? Try a bit of Royal Pop Art!

British and Proud? Say it out LOUD with a t-shirt!

Or do it Vivienne Westwood's way, with a Union Jack dress. Equally subtle. ;)

And of course we have the Pearly Kings and Queens, their clothes decorated with buttons.

But let's not forget the morris dancers!

No 'British' post would be complete without this slogan (even if it is hugely overused now). To think that it was never used is amazing--the authorities certainly missed something with this one!

One key part of Britishness, and inspiration for your plate, is a 'Full English Breakfast'. Of course, this includes the tea!

Then there's the cream tea: clotted cream and jam on scones. Whether you go Devonshire (jam on top) or Cornish (cream on top) it always involves...tea!

He's not food, but he's British and popped up when I was searching for a good picture of tea. It made me laugh, so you get some Benedict Cumberbatch being a dork instead. Hurrah!

If the lack of tea in this post has made you feel somewhat cheated, here's the video for Earl Grey by Rizzle Kicks:


  1. I would totally wear that dress! What is cream tea? (did you just gasp?)

  2. I brought home a vintage Union flag from Dus' granny's sewing stash boxes this week...huzzah!! It's seriously in perfect condition. I only know it's vintage because it says 'Made in Britain' :P


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