Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pinning Inspiration #15

This week's Pinning Inspiration is all about things you can do with all those little 'bits and pieces' that accumulate in junk drawers (and often seem to reproduce in the dust and darkness). Those bits of children's toys, those popped-off buttons and broken charms, wayward escutcheons and tiny keys from suitcases long gone.

The huge and obvious answer is to stick it all to something and make it look awesome. The not-so-easy part is 'stick it to what?'

So here are some inspirational uses of 'stuff' compiled for your inspiration!

This frame is such a cool idea! I wish I hadn't given away all my little childhood toys!

Embellishing shoes is also a fun idea, especially if you have those last few sequins and snippets of ribbon that you can't bring yourself to throw out!

Something from this blog: embellished boots! (Find the tutorial here.)

It's always worth thinking about framing some nicer 'bits' too.
Granted, the sea shore items in the picture are more of a purposefully made collection than an accidental one, but the end result is cool.

This kind is more up my street :)

Another idea for all those old toys and bits of toys.

Finally, I think this is a really cute idea for using up random beads and broken bits of jewellery.
I tried to find a proper source for this via google 'search by image', but all the matches are Pinterest!

Do you have lots of 'bits' lurking in a drawer somewhere?
Is there a particular craft you do to make use of them?

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  1. I am starting to keep all of these little bits of things to use in my new mixed media interest. Love these examples, especially that wreath with the kids toys. super cute.


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