Monday, 26 August 2013

Marvellous Monday #25

Departing from the usual theme of colour, scenery etc that Marvellous Monday usually focuses on, this Monday's theme is You Can Do It!

"[...]dream the possible dream: that the wondrous is real, because that is how you feel it to be, that is how you want it to be...and how you wish it into being."
~ Diana Vreeland, D.V.

Alright, so I don't want to fill this post with cliche quotes. I know from experience that such things are unhelpful and frustrating to those who feel really stuck.
I simply love the idea of the partial quote above, from Diana Vreeland's autobiography, so it had to be included.

We can dream, and even if we don't feel it, we have the potential - the power - to work at making dreams become reality. We may need the help of others, we may need support, but we can do it.

"How baffling it was that these ever-smiling, happy and considerate people were only a couple of generations away from putting me in a pot."
~ Jostein Gaarder, Maya

Think of human advancement, of evolution. As a race, we've moved from being hide-clad neanderthals living in caves, to a thriving population with fascinating architecture, ground-breaking scientific discoveries, all kinds of technology, and more fashion designers than you can shake a stick at!

Of course, this evolution was natural--the most intelligent survived, and as our race discovered how to make huts and tools, learned to carve and build with stone, discovered what plants could be eaten and what plants could be used to heal which ailments, as a race, we became better.
It might seem far-fetched, but the fact you are here today, reading this, is proof that humans have a natural ability to succeed and achieve.

After all, you are from a long, long line of survivors, all stemming back to those primitive days of cave paintings and fur.
"Live shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."
~Anais Nin

It isn't always easy to have courage. 'New' can be scary, the unknown can be frightening.

(sometimes very frightening!)

When a lack of courage is holding you back, remember: it was courage that drove all those people of the past to step forward, to try something new and different, to explore, discover, evolve and advance.

You can do it too. Go for that job, skydive, propose, speak up, speak out, be happy, be proud of yourself, be completely unapologetic for who you are and what you stand for--you can do it!

Even if it's the wrong time of day or year to do it, prepare: if it's 2am and you can't make those calls, write down what you're going to say when you make them tomorrow. If it's the height of summer and you want a skiing adventure, start researching into resorts, start going to a dry slope to practise, start saving for your exciting new experience.

Whatever your dream, go for it! You can do it!

Don't wonder if you can do it. Decide when to do it.

You are a success. You are a wonderful, remarkable human being. And this post is dedicated to you. May you have a most Marvellous Monday. 

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