Saturday, 31 August 2013

Are You Happier?

I read about Happier in Fabulous magazine (one of the Sunday supplements with The Sun newspaper, which my Nan brings over when she visits!)

Like with Facebook and Twitter, Happier is a place to share status updates. The difference with Happier is that you 'share happy' - your happy moments - and instead of likes, statuses gain smiles!

Happier was set up to 'inspire millions of people to be happier in their everyday lives'. Research has shown that by looking at the positive and sharing it with others, we can not only feel happier with our lives, but we'll be healthier and more productive too!

I started using the website a week ago and soon realised it was easy to find 'happy moments' in everyday life. The small stuff is just as important as the big stuff!
It's really satisfying to go to the site (or check the app) and find a number of notifications telling me that my moment made somebody smile, or that somebody is now following my happy moments!

Another thing I love is the animations when I share a happy moment.Hurrah for confetti!

Happier is a 100% positive site and has lots of extra content beside the happy moments shared by its users, such as articles related to happiness!

Are you inspired to join, to collect and share your happy moments? Head on over there right now and get happy! :D

If you want to follow my happier moments, I can be found here (using one of my 'net pseudonyms because I want to keep Happier separate from Facebook!) I always follow back--with so much happy, why wouldn't I?

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  1. This is a really lovely idea for a site, really differs from the usual negativity you see over the internet :)


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