Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Pinning Inspiration #6

Last week’s post was about explorer and adventurer Alexandra David-Neel. Did it leave you feeling inspired to travel?

If like me, you’d love to travel but don’t have the funds to do so, perhaps this week’s Pinning Inspiration will inspire you with ways to bring the exotic into your home!

Sometimes, a few framed posters or photographs will be enough. A cerulean sea, brightly-clothed African women, a Tibetan temple--images from whatever part of the world appeals to you the most. 
Even if pictures aren’t enough, they are a good start!

Large pieces of furniture are likely out of the question if you don’t have the budget for exotic travel, but there is always the option to repaint what you have, inspired by what you’d like!

Or recover old chairs or a stool in exotic fabrics. There are plenty of tutorials online for this! Alternatively you could make slipcovers, just as easy but without the use of a staple gun!

If your walls look a little too plain, but new wallpaper is beyond your budget, a hand-painted mural or border can update the look. (If you can’t paint or don’t want to, buy a printed one instead!)

Alternatively, try wall-hangings or printed canvases. This batik tapestry from Urban Outfitters is many kinds of awesome--and cheaper than a holiday.
You could also buy some cheap canvases (in the UK, they pop up in the 99p store every so often!) and paint them yourself.

As for the floor, a well-chosen rug is a good way to inject a taste of the exotic into your rooms!
If you already have carpets and can’t stand the rug-on-carpet look, think about a printed doormat (or paint your own with a stencil!)

Painted rubber door mats also make awesome wall art! This one, DIYed by Kate at Salvage Dior has a cool painted wrought iron effect which makes me think of sunny places on the Mediterranean.

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

When it comes to soft furnishings, you can’t go wrong with cushions. Even if you can’t find or afford readymade cushions in the colours and patterns that you want, a simple envelope cushion is easy to make--you don’t even have to sew if you don’t want to (hooray for glue!)

Toss a throw or blanket over the back of a chair for a laid back holiday feel. If you dislike untidiness, fold it over the arm instead :)

A change of lighting can add to an exotic atmosphere; I love Moroccan-style lighting and would have it everywhere if I could! Tea light holders are a good alternative if you’re not able to change your light fittings.

Little things are important too.

Vases, trinkets and various other knick-knacks add to that exotic feel.

Keep an eye open for other people’s unwanted souvenirs when you're in charity shops. Whilst some might be cheap and tacky, a few good quality foreign items can really make a difference to the style of your home.

I think that scent helps create an exotic atmosphere in a home, too. A friend burns a lot of Nag Champa and visiting her always makes me think of India! Likewise, Frankincense reminds me of Egypt. If you’re able to burn incense or candles, pick a scent that is relevant to you and your inspiration. If incense or candles are out of the question but you still want to add scent to your room, try pot pourri.

Do you like decor influenced by other parts of the world?
Which places do you find most inspiring?
Is there a particular foreign style that you like best?
Please share your thoughts and inspiration in the comments!

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  1. I always forget about scent and it can be so powerful - good reminder. I love those moroccan lights as well. So fun.


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