Thursday, 6 June 2013

Decorated Cuff

I’ve been totally lax at posting DIYs as of late, and I’m sorry for that. Altogether I’m feeling unmotivated in all aspects of creativity! (Haven’t even got around to photographing new stock for my Etsy store. Naughty me!)

Anyway, here’s a quick, easy, no-brainer of a DIY!

I was inspired by a cool cuff from River Island I saw in a supplement from ELLE magazine a while back:

I was going to link to where you can buy this, but can't find it on their website! ):

Being River Island it wasn’t expensive, but since I had things around me to make something similar, I went for it!

This DIY is so obvious it doesn’t need a tutorial. Here’s a run-down of what I did anyway.

To make this, you need:
Various trims, ribbons, chain etc of your choice

You may also need:
Wire cutters
Rubber band
Piece of vinyl/stiff ribbon slightly wider than studs (if using)

I used:
A piece of chain with embroidery thread woven through
A short length of stiff ribbon (don’t know what it is; it cost £1 in a charity shop for a big reel. A piece of vinyl or similar would do as well)
Section of ‘Made in England’ selvedge left over from my wool cape
Various bits of trim
My good friend E6000
Rubber band

The inspiration used woven bracelets but I was too lazy to spend hours making any!

1. Fix studs along ribbon.
2. Lay decoration on cuff and move around until it looks as you want.
3. Glue stud piece down; use rubber band to hold it in place.
4. Glue on the rest, starting with the ‘lower’ layers’ if you’re overlaying the trims.

5. Cut off ends around the edges of the cuff.

6. Done!

I was paranoid that it would fall off my arm and the agate would smash (goodness knows how people wearing the real thing go out without a care!) 
So I took it apart. 
Which is where the cuff came from for this DIY! 
Reusing is good on the wallet :)

Now I need to decide what to do with that lovely blue agate…

Will be linking up at the parties listed below!

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