Monday, 10 June 2013

Marvellous Monday #14

Happy Monday! The theme for this week's Marvellous Monday is the sky.

This week, rather than ransack Pinterest, I braved the disorganised horror that is 'My Pictures' to bring you some sky photographs that I hope you'll find a pleasure to view. :)


As children, I suspect many of us stared at the sky and watched the clouds float by...

sky photographs

Do you still search the clouds for pictures?

clouds in the sky

Do you gaze at the fluffy clouds and daydream of the innocent childhood wish to walk upon them and taste them?

the sky with clouds

Did you imagine they would taste like candy floss?

clouds in the sky

Indulge your inner child today, if only for a few moments...


...settle down comfortably - lay on the ground or sit in a chair...


...and look at the sky.


Admire the patterns and ripples, the cotton-wool curves...

clouds in the sky out familiar shapes and watch them morph and change within the air...

sky and clouds

Be still. Breathe. Allow your mind to slow down. Relax...

the sky with trees and a cloud

...and watch the clouds sail by overhead.

This post is dedicated to YOU having a truly Marvellous Monday!


  1. There's not an inch of sky in our sky here today :( It's all clouds!

  2. I love these images. Thank you, Kei*!! :) (And I still search for / see patterns in the clouds. :D)


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