Monday, 24 June 2013

Marvellous Monday #16

Happy Monday!
Let's make this a nature-y Marvellous Monday, with a theme of trees (no hugging of them required, unless you want to!)

To walk amongst trees is to discover a sense of calm...

Whether ancient and tall...

...or younger and small, cares can be forgotten amid the green and the whispering of leaves in the breeze.

Trees remind us that we can, like them, grow strong and tall, no matter what troubles might be thrown in our path. 

Whilst we walk among trees, their boughs are always stretched out overhead, protective as sunlight filters through the leaves to greet us.

If you have a chance to take a walk in nature today, do it :)

This post is dedicated to YOU having a truly Marvellous Monday.

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  1. I find your Marvellous Monday posts so uplifting and inspiring! :) The subject of trees also reminds me of something I have seen on TV several months ago, about one (!) tree filling an entire park. I forgot where it was, but it was amazing ...

    I love trees (Well, and plants in general!) ...


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