Monday, 12 March 2012

Covered Bracelet

Since I'm going through a bit of a craft drought again (blame poor health and lack of money for crafting materials!) I thought I'd keep this blog alive by sharing a simple craft!

There are covered bracelets aplenty in blogland and I found them inspiring, so when I found a pair of plain bracelets in Poundland I snapped them right up!

covered bracelet

These are only cheap-looking plastic bracelets; Poundland had them in several colours but I chose trusty old black. :)

What I used:
Lace trim
Ribbon (from inside a top--those loops sewn in for hanging wider-necked jumpers, etc)
Flower trim

This isn't a real tutorial since there are already so many out there, and covering bracelets is pretty obvious anyway.
However, not wanting to cut a length of lace trim - in case I cut too much or too little - and finding it got tangled as I tried to wind it onto the bracelet, I realised I could do this:

I spent a minute or so winding the lace trim onto an empty cotton reel. After that it was easy to wind it off of the reel and onto the bracelet.
I secured the end of the lace onto the bracelet with glue, and once the bracelet was covered, stuck that down as well. After that I wound on the ribbon (again sticking down the ends with glue, on the inside of the bracelet) and finally glued on the flower trim.

I only covered one bracelet, so this project cost me 50p, plus random bits and pieces from my stash (mostly leftovers!)
Somewhen I may cover the second of the pair, but that will look different!


  1. I especially like the little flower trim. Very pretty.

  2. how much does the plastic bracelet cost when u buy it at stores?


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