Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bad Egg cosy

Today has been lovely and spring-like, with clear blue skies and lots of sunshine!

Of course, along with spring comes Easter, and to me that means eggs. For once I’m not thinking of chocolate (okay, maybe I am a little) but delicious soft-boiled, free range goodness!

Deciding to make an egg cosy, I went to my scraps box to find I didn’t have anything particularly ‘Eastery’. But never mind—I like to do things differently :)


So I made a ‘Bad Egg Cosy’ and a ‘Devilled Egg Cosy’!

Want to make your own? Read on!

This is really easy to make and would be a fun craft for children and adults alike.

The photographs in the tutorial below are mostly from the Bad Egg cosy, but can be adapted to make the Devilled Egg cosy as the construction is the same :)

Time needed: 25-35 minutes

You’ll need:
Felt (green, red and white)
Two beads for eyes
Needle and thread
Fabric or multipurpose glue
Pinking shears (optional)

1. Cut two rectangles from green felt. For the Bad Egg cosy I cut them 8cm x 5cm, but it ended up slightly small for my taste, so for the Devilled Egg cosy I cut the pieces 9cm x 7cm.

2. Hold the two pieces together and round off the top of the felt, starting around 3cm up the shorter side of the rectangles.

3. Cut two horns from red felt, leaving 1cm extra for sewing the horns into the cosy.

4. Sandwich the horns between the two pieces of green felt, on the curve, and sew together. (The sun went in at this point. Booo!)

5. Sew on beads for eyes and stitch eyebrows for a naughty expression.

6. Cut a mouth from the white felt. I used pinking shears to get the pointy edges but patience and a pair of nail scissors can have the same effect! :)

7. Glue on the mouth and leave to dry.

8. For Devilled Egg Cosy: Cut a pointy tail and stitch it to the back of the cosy.


Angel Egg Cosy: Forego the horns and pointy teeth; make it from white felt and add some wings to the back. A circle of yellow felt stuck to the back above the wings makes a halo :)
Dinosaur Egg Cosy: Instead of horns, cut a series of equal-sized green triangles (or a curved piece to fit the body of the cosy, with triangles on the top edge) and sew along for scales.
Bird Egg Cosy: Cut a pale blue base, wings into the sides and instead of teeth, add a beak of yellow felt.

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  1. Ha, these, especially that naughty little tail.

  2. Bah,haaaahhaa!! These are so cute!! I am featuring these on my facebook page today. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  3. These are brilliant! You always make such mischievous monsters XD


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