Thursday, 29 March 2012

Script Frenzy!

So who has heard of Script Frenzy?
It's the script-writing sibling of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and takes place in April--so very soon!

The goal of this challenge is to write a 100 page script, over the 30 days of April. This could be a stage play, a short film, TV show, web show, screenplay or graphic novel!
Participation in Script Frenzy is free and the whole thing is run on not-for-profit donation. There are no prizes, except for the inevitable feeling of satisfaction you get after finishing off 100 pages of original scripted material!

I participated in Script Frenzy last year and wrote an absolutely terrible musical stage play that only came about because I was singing a silly ad-libbed song to my cat, Riley (yes, I sing to my cats. I'm practising for when I become a crazy old cat-lady!)

This year, I nearly decided not to participate, as I hadn't got any ideas. I know that some writers are adapting their NaNoWriMo into a scripted format, but I wanted to do something different!
Then - just as last year - I was struck by sudden inspiration :) So I'll be participating after all!

Script Frenzy provide a word count widget, which I'll add to the column on the right of this blog.

Are you participating in Script Frenzy? Let's be Writing Buddies! You can find my profile right here. 

Not participating, but want to know more? Check out the official Script Frenzy website, which has an extensive FAQ, loads of writer's resources (I hadn't a clue how to write scripts until looking at that page!) and forums where you can chat to all your fellow writers.

Well there's just a few days to go, and I'm nearly all set! All I need to do is decide whether to write another musical stage play, or push the boat out and write a TV sitcom...

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  1. Good for you, Kei. I don't do the Script Frenzy (not sure hubby would appreciate me being MIA for two months of the year,..and actually three because I want to do Camp Nano, lol) but I'm so excited for you. Please keep us (me) posted on how you're doing!


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