Thursday, 20 October 2011

Photography Challenge Week #13

Yet again it's that time of the week: A Step in the Journey's Photography Challenge!

I am really enjoying participating in this challenge; although I studied photography at A-Level I have become very lazy with my photography! This challenge is stretching me to think about the shot I'm taking.

Anyway, on to my photograph for this week's theme, silhouette:

Cairo Sunrise

Technical details: f/7.4 (apparently), 1/1600, no flash
The camera set the aperture; rather than have the camera set to manual I used the shutter speed priority setting. Actually I think the computer was lying to me since on manual I only have a choice of f/2.8 or f/4.0!

I already knew how I was going to set up this shot; my biggest challenge was deciding what to photograph! 
Eventually I decided on a bust of an Egyptian cat, which my Mum bought me on a trip to Egypt. To give it a little height, I simply set it upon a little wooden trinket box. 

To set up this shot, I used the following: 
  • A piece of interfacing
  • Dressmaking pins
  • A 60 watt lamp
  • A large fold-up pattern cutting board

First off I folded the pattern cutting board into a square tube. Then I set my little statue and the box just inside one end. I fixed the piece of interfacing over that end using dressmaking pins, since tape would have ruined the cardboard cutting board.
I then set the lamp to shine through the interfacing and onto the statue, and took the shot from the opposite end of the tube.

The tube was probably around 1 metre long, though I found I needed to reach into it a little to frame the shot as I wanted.
I think fabric or tracing paper would work just as well for this--the only reason I used interfacing was because it was closest to hand!

Next week's theme is going to be sunset. We get some beautifully coloured skies here sometimes; here's hoping that some point this week those pinks and purples and oranges will show off their full brilliance!

Later I'll be posting part 2 of my Halloween-o-rama--hope you'll come back to check it out! :)


  1. Very nice shot. You captured the silhouette so well and added extra interest in this shot with the crinkly look the interfacing added. So gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful and impressive that you set it all up yourself!


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