Sunday, 30 October 2011


Recently I posted a pumpkin stencil tutorial and shared some pictures of last year's pumpkins.

Usually I'm very organised with my pumpkins; I'll have planned a good week in advance and know exactly what I want to carve. This year, I only decided on a design and made the stencil today.
I used this picture which I found on google--apparently it's a promo pic from The Ghost of Frankenstein

Stills and promotional pictures from old black and white films are brilliant for turning into stencils--a lot of them already use the harsh lighting that provides stark contrast and defined features. 
I also realised that the awesome little scalpel I've used over the past couple of years is missing its blade. So I had to use a stanley knife blade, wrapped in duck tape! Yay for improvisation! (And yay for my Dad hitting on the idea!)

Carving this year's pumpkin took just over four hours! My pumpkin carving soundtrack comprised of Jill Tracy, Noisy Crowds, Era and the Labyrinth soundtrack.

As you can see in the pictures, the weather tonight is a bit rubbish typical of a British autumn!
This pumpkin proved itself difficult to photograph, since I wasn't prepared to stand out in the rain and wait for a proper exposure time. Maybe tomorrow?!

Anyway. I added a couple of bolts to make it more worthy of Frankenstein's monster.

The snails like the pumpkin too!

This photo is terrible, focus-wise, but I love how the blurriness adds to the creepy, dreamlike feel.

Tomorrow I might dress up the front of the house a little. I'm all out of fake cobweb unfortunately, but I've plenty of little skeletons waiting to crawl up the front steps!

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  1. That pumpkin is cool! You did an amazing job carving and making a stencil from a photo!


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