Thursday, 27 October 2011

Photography Challenge Week #14

For this week of the photography challenge at A Step in the Journey, the theme has been sunset.

Of course, last week I foolishly bragged about the beautifully coloured sunsets we get here.

Have we had a single good sunset? Not one!

This week has been cloudy and dreary! Rather than lovely sunsets, it just got dark. Booooo.

Here is the best I could do, this week:

Glassy Fire

I'm not all that pleased with this photo, but it's the best I could do (and was taken on the one day the sky wasn't grey).
I snapped it through the bathroom window since I noticed how the mottled effect of the glass diffused the golden light of the sun. About five minutes after this picture was taken, the sun had been cloaked in grey clouds again!

So this post isn't completely devoid of a nice sunset photograph, here's one I took at the end of last year, outside a pub at the foot of the South Downs:

These are the kind of sunsets we can get...when the weather is nicer!

There are lots of awesome photographs on the link party over on A Step in the Journey. It's totally worth taking a look!


  1. I think your photos turned out great... Love the effect of the glass on the sunset photo. Very creative!

    Jeanna @

  2. Your photos are georgous! Don't be disappointed, we have no control over Godly things, you did awesome and they are beautiful.

  3. I like your photo of the sunset through the glass. Unique and the turnout was awesome!


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