Sunday, 12 April 2015

Green Gardens - A Window for Spring

...This has become something of a 'window displays' blog, hasn't it?

Here is the latest display that I created for Humanity at Heart, a small charity based in Sussex. This time the theme was 'spring gardens', and the spring weather came along just at the right time for it!

Some of the flowers from our plants section bloomed at the perfect time for the window display. Spring has truly sprung!
I made the little flowers that can be seen amongst the daffodils, using the sleeves of an old jumper, disposable chopsticks and ribbon leftover from other projects.

The window has been filled with lovely plant and garden-related items, including a gardener's journal, solar lights, and a retro floral apron, which can be seen by the wellies.

I placed a piece of expandable trellis against the wall to add to the 'garden' feel, and hung some floral scarves from in.

The mannequin isn't particularly dressed to do her gardening, but is sporting a green hemp t-shirt, a floral skirt, green hip belt and a lightweight floral raincoat, just in case she gets caught in one of those spring showers!
Ideally, I'd have dressed her in something more colourful and appropriate, but as it's a charity shop we only have what is donated.
Though it is a very nice raincoat.  :)

We were fortunate to receive this wheelbarrow-shaped planter recently, so of course that went into the window, along with a little garden gnome.
The pom pom flowers were made with the body of the jumper I used for the other flowers. I ended up getting absolutely covered in yellow fluff, and was still wiping away yellow dust a week afterwards!

Once again, this window was made on a budget of £0.00, using solely donated items. Even the sheet in the bottom of the window was donated!
Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to donate goods to charity shops, and even bigger thanks to the shop manager for letting me run amok in the window again!

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  1. So pretty and what better than garden right now since we all are alive with Spring coming! I've been enjoying playing in my greenhouse!


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