Friday, 26 June 2015

Anyone for Tennis? (Or Pimms?)

Summer is the time for tennis, and with Wimbledon just around the corner, I ended up creating a tennis-themed display for the charity shop!

It seemed like a fun idea to set up the window as if it were a tennis match, so I got to work with sports gear, and lots and lots of balls...

All the tennis balls were scrounged from local tennis players, with some being strung up as a background--with the exception of the ball in play, of course!

This time the display was more minimal in content, as I set up a tiny tennis court on the ground! The green used for the court is an Ikea throw, which was donated at the perfect moment.

For added fun, I created some bunting with pictures of famous tennis stars. I know very little about tennis, but luckily the shop manager is a fan, so was able to provide pictures of stars across several decades!

And what would tennis be without refreshments?
Strawberries and cream are the tennis fan's choice, and of course Pimm's is definitely the drink of the season. Since it isn't an option to put food and drink in the window, I made cut-outs using Photoshop Elements.

Considering I started off wondering how on earth I'd put together a tennis-themed window, I think this one turned out pretty well!

Next display will be summer...


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