Sunday, 18 January 2015

Autumn Window Display

Not long ago, I shared photos of the Christmas windowdisplay that I put together for a charity shop.
As I wrote previously, I'd intended to post about some other displays that I never got around to writing about.

Today's post is about the autumn-themed window, created in September.

Once again, some of the photos here have unfortunate reflections of the buildings opposite, so the most 'complete' image also depicts the other side of the high street!

Sometimes, window displays are changed on the spur of the moment, other times they are planned out in advance, enabling me to look around for inspiration.
I decided to hang a long twig in front of an old net curtain after finding a photograph of autumn tree branches in the fog.

...and the 'tree' was inspired by a table centrepiece I saw online. I also saw a newspaper owl and decided to make one with brown paper to sit in the tree!
The tree itself is a collection of twigs and small branches that I gathered, tied together with jute (which is cunningly hidden by tissue paper leaves).

Planning in advance also meant extra time to collect together stock for the window. A basket full of lovely soft autumnal yarns, nature prints, and not forgetting the lovely old lantern!

These cute mice were made by another volunteer (you might recognise them from the Christmas window, when they became carol singers!)

I collected tonnes of conkers for this window, some of which I hung on coloured yarns in the window, but most of them ended up in baskets or scattered on the floor.
I also made leaves out of newspaper, which I painted red and yellow. Some of these were made into a garland, but I couldn't get a decent photograph.

Here's another one of the mice, peeping out from a basket of conkers! The log came from the lovely mouse-making volunteer, and I made the toadstools using toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, a scrap of fabric, and some acrylic paint from my stash.

Of course, no autumn window would be complete without some good old Beatrix Potter--needless to say someone snapped up those cute little books in no time!

The next display I'll post about will be the summer window. Hopefully it will make you feel warm and toasty, even if it is pouring outside. :)

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