Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Easter Window Display

Last week was the window display changeover at the charity shop where I volunteer. The manager and I had decided in advance to have an Easter theme, as Easter is on its way!

After giving it some thought, and looking at the stock we had for the display, the theme ended up being along the lines of an Easter Egg Hunt!

I used lots of chicks, baskets, and straw hats (Easter bonnets!)
The duckling shower curtain was a fantastic added bonus, and a very luckily gained donation!
I set about groups of Easter-related animals, including rabbit jelly molds (just seen above)...

...and ducks (before the eggs).
I made the large, pastel-striped/dotted eggs using cardboard.  They were a really simple construction but have a good effect in the display.

Long-time readers may recognise the little Easter egg hunt signs, which I posted as a free printable a few years back. For the display, I edited the colours to pastel shades.
Find another free Easter egg hunt printable here

Along with eggs, I also hid lots of little chicks amongst the goods in the window. This one is chilling out amongst his yet-to-hatch brothers and sisters ;)

This was a fun yet simple display to put together and has turned out pretty nicely! 


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