Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wardrobe Revolution: Mark II!

After posting about my Wardrobe Revolution the other day, I got thinking.

Some of you might wish you took more time to dress up more...

Some of you might wish to dress more casually...

Some might want to work more accessories into outfits...

Or you might want to experiment with a new style...

Or even challenge yourself to wear only skirts/trousers/neon bloomers!

So already, I've decided that #wardroberevolution needs an upgrade.

Therefore, I introduce #wardroberevolution Mark II!

I really want YOU to join in.

I know there are plenty of you who take outfit shots, who maybe want to try out new looks, style up an old once-loved item in different ways, gain confidence through what you wear, or like me, simply want to wear more of the items that you don't usually wear.

So, please come and join me.

Instagram your outfit shots daily, weekly, whenever you want, using the tag 

Check out what other people are doing, ask questions when you post if you're not sure about what you're wearing/want more ideas (I did that today and got a really good suggestion!) and find inspiration amongst fellow wardrobe revolutionaries!'s currently pretty lonely on that tag, so what are you waiting for? ;)


  1. I am such an instagram dummy. It's a good thing my wardrobe is nothing to snap pictures of anyway, lol. You, however, look stunning as always.

  2. what interesting piece you have! alas, I have no iphone or similar phone to post and take pics with, but I love seeing inspiration pieces.


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