Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pinning Inspiration #28

For this week's Pinning Inspiration, I want to encourage reusing rubbish, but also thinking outside the box, with 101 Uses For A Tin Can*

* some uses may not be particularly realistic, but that's what the imagination is for :)

001. Tin can
002. Telephone
003. Kick it

004. Plant pot
005. Pen pot
006. Makeup tidy
007. Wind chime
008. Tie on back of newlyweds’ car
009. Part of shelving
010. Tubular pigeon-hole post system
011. Part of a spaceship
012. Emergency shower when washing in the jungle
013. Prison for worms
014. Dumbells
015. Throw it (at some criminal dude’s head, like in Police Academy)
016. Vase
017. Paint pot
018. Receptacle for melting wax
019. Chamber of a supersonic blaster
020. It’s actually a doodlywotsit, a key part of a TARDIS
021. Musical instrument

022. BBQ for bluetits
023. Brazier for rodents
024. Bin for Barbie (Sindy can use it too)
025. A decoration for a window sill
026. Kerplunk
027. Candle holder
028. Use to make sandcastles
029. A Nefertiti hat for a doll
030. Rattle
031. Wrist cuff
032. Charm on an oversized necklace
033. Money box
034. An unusual name sign for a house
035. A bell
036. Eyes for a robot
037. Pawn in a outsize chess set
038. A place to hide secret things
039. Time capsule
040. Bottle/cup holder on beach
041. Art installation
042. Micro-museum for woodlice
043. Stilts
044. Mini umbrella stand
045. Cup

046. Cruet set
047. Earplugs for giants
048. Golf hole
049. Tin coconut (for shy)
050. Vessel for fortune sticks
051. Button box
052. Build a tower to reach the moon
053. A car
054. Modern monolith. For budgerigars
055. Door stop
056. Lampshade
057. Stretching the imagination
058. Thimble for extremely large hands
059. A purse
060. Tea caddy
061. Jumps for My Little Pony
062. Target practise
063. Rollers for big hair
064. Rollers for tiny steam roller
065. Alternative to bottle in ‘spin the bottle’
066. Tiles for industrial-themed room
067. Legs for elephant sculpture
068. Metal tooth for a giant
069. Jelly mould
070. Gag for annoying person
071. Jug
072. Rapunzel’s tower
073. Earring display thingy
074. Alternative to canvas when painting
075. Littering the countryside (it’s a bad thing to do, so don’t do it really)
076. Christmas tree ornament
077. Magic trick (ball and cups trick)
078. Juggle
079. Play catch
080. Fill with water and balance over a door (a mean trick)
081. Pedestal for important thing

082. Trophy
083. Legs for a foot stall
084. Zoetrope
085. Whirligig for bad beetles
086. Whirligig (the spinning, garden variety)
087. Emergency toilet
088. Outsize cotton reel
089. Recycling (good!)
090. Landfill (no good!)
091. Calendar
092. Cut into curtain rings
093. Columns in model of the Acropolis of Athens
094. Marker for location of buried treasure
095. A weight to stop a helium balloon from flying away~
096. Part of an elaborate contraption to boil a kettle
097. A small cooking pot, for when camping
098. Protecting a little circle of grass from the sun = polkadot grass!
099. Cheap burglar alarm, a la women living alone in the time of the Boston Strangler
100. Flatten into a coaster
101. Draw a face on it, take it with you wherever you go, make it clothes and talk to it, give it a name and make it your new best friend.

Okay, so this week's pinning inspiration was a bit different to usual, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!
Can you think of other uses for a tin can?


Reading all your sweet comments makes me happy! :) I appreciate each and every one and try to reply to all that I can!

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