Monday, 2 December 2013

Marvellous Monday #39

Happy Monday!
With December here, thoughts are turning to Christmas (which started in June, if you're in retail!), rime-covered plants, chilly fingers and icy winter mornings. Which brings us to this week's theme, frost.

Though cold, frost brings all those extra details to attention that might otherwise evade our eyes and inspires new ideas, a fresh outlook. A gentle tracery of spiderwebs upon a wilting rose becomes an ice bridle on the head of a silken red horse...

Plants become like sketches, every single leaf and twig becoming more apparent amidst the green with the aid of an uneven white outline...

Bare twigs amongst the hedgerows and wildeness bear flowers once again...

The frost teaches us how resilient nature can be. Though it might envelop late-blooming, delicate flowers, the frost will melt away beneath the sun whilst those fragile flowers thrive.

We are a part of nature too. Though the frost is cold, it opens our eyes to new wonders and new possibilities. Though times seem hard, we can still thrive--just like those tiny, resilient flowers.

This post is dedicated to YOU. Have a Marvellous Monday!

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  1. Nature is so beautiful, isn't it! I like your photos, can't wait to have here the same conditions to make similar images :)


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