Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Wardrobe Revolution!

I have a lot of clothes.

And I don't wear half of them.

Recently, I read Gala Darling's series on Wardrobe Taming and felt inspired. I went through my wardrobe and separated what I wear often to what I hardly ever wear. I was pretty horrified at how much I don't wear!

And now? Now I'm going to wear that stuff.

To help myself out, I'm going instagram daily selfies and post under the tag #wardroberevolution
I'm also keeping note of what I find wrong with the clothes I'm wearing (and what I like about them!) as Gala suggests in her series.

Here's my first outfit, from today:

The plaid top is one I made on Friday as part of Design 101. I spent just under an hour making it and I love it!
As for the things I rarely wear: the striped shirt (from H&M) and the jeans (from M&S) and the skull print scarf (I don't remember where it was from).
I found the jeans fit amazingly, after ages of not wearing them because I thought they were too small!
The sleeves and body of the shirt are a little short for my liking, but I have plans for that :)
I wore knee-high boots with this when I went out, but took this picture in the morning before heading into the drizzly British weather.

I would love if you joined me with #wardroberevolution.
If you feel your closet is full of things you never wear, check out the wardrobe taming series I linked above and be inspired, then join me with posting your styled-up selfies on instagram, using the tag #wardroberevolution
It would be so great to do this with some other people and see what treasures we all have lurking in our wardrobes, waiting to be worn! :)

Let's have a revolution. Let's wear all of our clothes!*

*not at the same time. It will look strange and probably won't all fit. ;)


  1. ha ha,...yes, not all at the same time. I LOVE this plaid shirt. It is gorgeous, great length, love the colour and it fits you so nicely. The jeans look great too,...funny how you thought they were too small. Nice surprise. I love the combo,..would not have thought to wear plaid and stripes but you totally pull it off.

  2. Oh dear, my poor wardrobe is full of clothes I don't wear because they're too thin & summery and we live in Wales...!


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