Sunday, 11 December 2011

Snowflakes Ornament

After mentioning my craft fail yesterday, today I managed to rescue a ‘failed’ project! 

I found some snowflake-shaped confetti left over from a prank I pulled on a friend back in college (we’d always fill each others cards with glitter or confetti to make a mess...!). Having seen some cool ideas on various blogs (see below) I felt inspired and made this snowflake ornament:

The base is just a regular polystyrene ball. I’d already tied on a ribbon to make a loop, and the silver fabric was part of yesterday’s craft fail.
Basically what I did yesterday was cut lots of little squares of silver fabric with pinking shears, then – lacking PVA – used Pritt Stick to adhere it all to the ball.

It was sticky, and I got covered in tiny specks of silver. After that, I didn’t like my ornament.
But then came the snowflake confetti and the dressmaking pins!

I pinned on the confetti around the bottom of the ball first, and then the top, with the final row being around the centre of the ornament.
In the last stages I found the pins were meeting each other inside the polystyrene, but fixed this easily enough by wiggling the pins a little. 

So some pins, confetti and sore fingers after (I’d recommend a thimble for pushing all the pins in!), I’d turned my fail into something good!

And here are the projects that I was inspired by!

Aren't these projects awesome?! I love how many inspirational ideas can be found in the land of blog!


  1. Oh, this turned out so pretty. Can't wait to see it on the tree.

  2. This is super cute :) No fail! Total EPIC PASS! :)

  3. How awesome - I love the one with multicolored sequence! :o)

    Thanks for joining Make Yourself Monday!! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  4. So pretty, I love the holographicishness of it (not a word but hopefully you know what I mean). And thanks for the link back to my floral ball! I'm so glad you linked up at Etcetorize~

  5. I love you so much right now... I have the same confetti (the silver edition, dude!!) sat on my crafting table looking at me with disgust, seemingly asking me why I am not DOING anything with it. Well... no more, buddy, you are about to be used and abused! Bring on the baubles.

  6. Drooling over all of them! Would love love for you to share this at my party going on now Best, My


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