Saturday, 3 December 2011

Photography Challenge Week #18

It's week 18 of the photography challenge over at A Step in the Journey, and I am so late with this one!

The theme this time around was A Childhood Memory

Everyone has so many childhood memories, don't they? So choosing a subject matter, I thought, would be difficult.

Not so!

In fact the only choosing that was difficult was choosing one picture. I couldn't. So here are three:

As you can see, this toy dog (he never did have a name other than 'doggy') has been very well-loved! 
I played with it, both my sisters played with it--and before then, it was my Dad's childhood toy! My Grandma gave it to my parents when I was a toddler and was apparently overjoyed when she visited to find me whizzing up and down the living room with it!

Here is a photo of Dad as a toddler, with the toy dog as it was originally (circa 1955, at a guess):

As you can see, the dog originally had a collar and an upright little tail, and was much fluffier!

When we started to clear things from the loft, my parents called an antiques dealer around to look at a bunch of things (mostly originally from my Grandma's flat). This dog was among it...needless to say I whipped him out of the selection and ferreted him away! (...back in the loft...)
Right now I have no space to put him. Whilst his days as a child's toy are over, this beloved doggy will, in time, make an excellent display piece!

Want to see more childhood memories? Head on over to A Step in the Journey to see the photographs that others have submitted!


  1. Ha, that is great. I love this memory and your photos.

  2. They sure don't make toys like they used to. :( My son plays with some of my dad's old toys (mostly trucks). I love seeing those old vintage things roll around! Great pics!

  3. You don't see toys like that anymore!! I love the rolling dog!


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