Thursday, 15 December 2011

Photography Challenge Week #20

It's the final week of the photography challenge at A Step in the Journey! I can't believe it's over already!

The theme for the final week was - like the first week - self portrait, bringing the contest full circle.  I decided not to cop out this time, and therefore you can see my face instead of a shadow!

So here's my shot, plus a couple of extras, just for fun.

The hooded scarf is the one I made for the Pinterest Challenge! It's lovely and warm when the weather isn't! (As you can see, I like leopard print!)
Self portraits are definitely something I find difficult to do. All the important things that you'd usually do when taking a picture - checking the focus and lighting and so on - are completely out of your hands the moment you set that timer.
I know that certain professional photographers use assistants to do the actual pressing-of-the-shutter-button (one guy even had a video camera and a TV set up so he could direct the framing of the shot) but I don't have an assistant or fancy equipment that enables me to see what I'm doing! Still, it was fun. Normally if I take a picture of myself, I stand in front of the mirror and use the reflection to see what's on the screen of my little point-and-shoot digicam. But that means an untidy, unpretty background, no good for this challenge! Hehe.

Recently I saw a thing on the internet about how photographs are doctored for publication. So I decided to play around with Photoshop Elements and do a little adjustment myself. Digital rhinoplasty, anyone?
I think it's pretty creepy how easy it is to edit photos and change the way a person looks! Alright, so my edits aren't exactly flawless; I certainly wasn't using the right tools (a graphics tablet would be much better than a laptop trackpad!) nor was I putting in major effort--! But it is creepy, right?

I joked with the lovely Terry of These Peas Taste Funny, about wearing a mask for the self portrait. Well...I did. ;)

This challenge has been so much fun! Sometimes the themes have really pushed me to think of something, others were fully inspiring from the word go and I found myself spoilt for choice with ideas! Whilst there were a couple of times when I nearly forgot to take pictures, I've felt encouraged to experiment a little more with photography. I've enjoyed participating and have met some awesome people in the process!
So thank you, Laura Beth, for hosting the photography challenge :)


  1. That is funny! I always love seeing what everyone else links up for the same theme!
    Happy Holidays!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  2. Your smile turned out great, both with mask and without, ha ha ha. Love all of it- your smile, the hooded leopard project, the mask. Awesome. :)

  3. I am so glad you came along in the journey! I had a great time & was inspired weekly. Way to come clean and step in front of the camera...a step on the wild side you might say!

  4. Super cute hooded scarf and you are too funny with the mask... My favorite mask is make-up!!!

    Jeanna @


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