Thursday, 3 November 2011

What I Wore... #4

Eek, okay, so I nearly forgot about this today!

Aside from a couple of lazy days, I think I did well this week. I broke out some old clothes that I'd previously customised or made, and also wore some of the jewellery I've posted tutes for in the past!

As a change from the past couple of weeks, I'm going to put my favourite outfit of the week first.

Of course, me being me, that would be what I wore on Halloween...

Monday 31st October
Jacket: Can't remember
Shirt: New Look
Jabot: Handmade
Corset: Corsets Boulevard on ebay (cheap but excellent quality)
Skirt: Ebay
Boots: Pleaser
Earrings: H&M, customised
Rings: Octopus/MK One/random shop in Looe

No closeup of the rings because I forgot. I love this skirt, because it's so unusual--obviously handmade. It's a little big on me so I don't wear it often. What's super about this skirt is that the eyes glow in the dark!

The rest of the week I'll put in chronological order. Here comes another outfit I quite like, though the picture isn't that good ):

Thursday 27th October
Shirt: QED London (bought at the South of England Show)
Scarf: Peacocks
Trousers: Don't remember, customised
Tights: Pretty polly (I think)
Ring: A present

Here's the bottom of the trousers:
I customised these after seeing some in a Japanese music magazine (I can't read Japanese, but I can look at the pictures!!). I found it inspiring, so made my own version. I had to dye all of the broad red lace myself since it proved impossible to get hold of.

And here's the ring. It's unusual and I love it:

Dumbly enough I forgot to take photos of my accessories (again) for the rest of the week. However, some are already on this blog due to being the product of previous tutorials!
Moving on...

Friday 28th October
Cardigan: M&Co
Jeans: Marks & Spencer
Belt: Hand-me-down from my Nan
Bib collar necklace: Handmade (tutorial here)
Bangles: H&M/charity shop/Primark/childhood

This is one of my favourite outfits to wear, since it's comfortable and easy to slip on when I'm tired and/or lazy. I'm always wearing the cardigan as a top, though I do tend to wear a little camisole underneath!

Here's that bib:

Saturday 29th October
Shirt: Happit
Dress: Handmade
Rosary: Bought at antiques fair
Socks: Primark
Shoes: New Look

This dress is the first 'gothic lolita' item I ever made. For those wondering 'what on earth is lolita?!' check out this brief description. Otherwise, the shortest (though not completely accurate) summary ever is 'Frilly Japanese street fashion.' I made the dress from a pattern in a Japanese sewing book called ゴスロリ (gosu rori, or gothic lolita). Again, I can't read Japanese, but the pictures made it all very obvious! 

Sunday 30th October
Shirt: Happit
Jeans: Marks & Spencer

Urgh, I look so rubbish here. I forgot to take a picture until the evening, and had just spent four hours carving pumpkins! So I was tired and messy and shiny (not in a good way!)

Tuesday 1st November
Tunic: New Look (bought from charity shop)
Jeans: Marks & Spencer
Tassel necklace: Handmade (tutorial here)
Belt: Charity shop
Boots (not seen): New Look

Here's the necklace:

It was the first time I wore the necklace and the tunic together, I think they go together really well!

Wednesday 2nd November
Cardigan: Jeff Banks (I think)
Camisole: Woolovers (hand-me-down from Mum)
Jeans: Marks & Spencer

Yet again I managed to wear M&S jeans multiple times this week! The camisole is really soft; I have a cardigan to match. Originally they were Mum's but they shrank in the me-size! Yay!

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  1. Wow, you looked great all week. My favourites were the tunic (mmmmm,...I want that), the ring (so unique and pretty), and the necklace. What fun.


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