Friday, 11 November 2011

Tutorial: Doily Phone Case

Following my doily display head, here comes another doily craft!

I wanted to make something useful, and since I upgraded my phone not too long ago, I needed a new phone cover! There are many available in the shops, but most fit permanently onto the phone--all I wanted was a little pouch to protect it when I'm carrying it in my bag or pocket.

This was simple to put together, so read on for a suits-all-phones tutorial!

Time needed: approx. 20-30 mins (excluding glue-drying time; longer if you screw up like I did first time around!)

You’ll need:
Your phone
Doily (or doilies)
Fabric glue
Sewing machine

1. Fold the interfacing in half and put your phone on top (fold at the bottom). Cut around it, leaving a couple of centimetres around the edge.
I cut two layers of sew-in interfacing since the fabric I chose was quite thin, and I didn’t have suitable iron-on interfacing!

2. Cut the same shape out of the fabric and lining. Iron the interfacing to the fabric if using the iron-on type.

3. Fold the fabric and interfacing around the phone, fabric on the inside, and pin up either side, leaving enough space to slide the phone out easily.

4. Sew the place you pinned and trim down the seams. Turn the case around the right way.

5. Decide the placement for the doily and glue on, following the instructions on the glue. I had to leave mine to dry for 30 minutes, which gave ample time to move on to the lining...

6. Follow steps 3-4 for the lining, but leave the little pouch with the seams on the outside rather than turning it the ‘right’ way.

7. Once the glue has dried on the outside of the case, slip the lining inside and fold over the top of the outer and lining inside. Pin down evenly.

8. This is the point where I bodged up multiple times! I had to unpick stitching so often that I almost had to start all over again! Sew along the top of the case to finish. Due to my bodge-job, I did two lines of stitching, but I think it looks okay!

My phone is nicely snug in its new case :) Now I can sling it in my bag and not worry about scratching up the screen. Whilst I use a screen protector and a plastic case, I feel it’s much better protected in a pouch.

What kind of phone do you guys use? Do you use a protective case, or do you keep the phone as it came out of the box? 

I made a sunglasses case to match this case; check back soon to see it!



  1. Nicely done Kei! I hate topstitching, especially something as tiny as this.

    I use a bright pink rubbery type thing that my phone fits into. I had a leather flip down casey thing which was nice but didn't last long. I couldn't be bothered with worrying about the flap flapping around while I was using it. I looked like a city boy. (well, a girl, you get me)

  2. That looks really cute!
    My phone is 5 years old and i only use a screen protector. I can't put it in my handbag anyway because it has an extremely sensitive keyboard and starts dialing random phone numbers as soon as it gets in contact with anything else in my bag. It's a stupid phone

  3. Would luv for my readers to see this awesome idea, will you please join our weekly party at
    have a great crafting weekend!

  4. I have a Blackberry and I, being cheap, bought a "fits all" screen saver and it didn't stay on. I have a case, but it's a pain and don't always use it. I lock it between uses to stop the "purse dialing" of calls. I love yours! Now which of the zillion fabrics I have for projects will I choose????

  5. Vintage style meets techno needs- love it! Lou

  6. That is sooo cute. My old LG Dare did a LOT of "purse dialing" but now I have the HTC Thunderbolt with a hard silicone case and screen protector but I still worry about my keys scratching. Will have to look through my scrap fabric and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the great idea and linking up to Sunday's Best!

  7. Simply Beautiful :) all the best for your blog :)

  8. Your phone cover turned out super cute!! I love the look of the doily on the linen! Thanks for linking up to Think Pink Sundays - I featured you today!

  9. Your phone cover is really adorable. I have one of this plastic cover over the front of my phone, and a "hard' thingy over the back, in purple no less. What was I thinking? This is so pretty, and I do have so many dollies, I will give this a try. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best.


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