Monday, 12 September 2011

Travel: Spain

I previously blogged photographs from a trip to Egypt. This time I’d like to share some photographs from a few trips to Spain.

I’ve been to a few places in Spain--Barcelona, Elche, La Coruña, Cadiz and Palma! This is certainly a country with a lot of beautiful architecture, which is pretty much the theme of the photographs I wish to share today.

This is at Montserrat in Catalonia. We took a tour up to the Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery there, where the Virgin of Montserrat is housed.
I seem to remember there was some significance in the plants growing outside, but don’t recall what this was!
I bought a beautiful red-beaded rosary in the gift shop here; at six euros it was surprisingly cheap!
The line to see the Virgin of Montserrat was a long one that wound through the areas of the monastery that were open to the public. It's a lovely building and the wait was filled with curiosity and excitement to see the famous artefact.

This is Elche; close to the beautiful Municipal Gardens. On this trip we went to a shoe factory (yay, shoes!) so I didn’t take many pictures. However, this scene struck me as particularly exotic with its palm trees, banana trees, the pale stone and the gushing water. It was pretty warm that day and I was sorely tempted to run through that!

As for the rest of these photographs, I’m not entirely sure (my holiday photos were jumbled up long ago!) but I think they are all of Palma.



As you might have guessed, I have a thing about religious architecture. It’s so beautifully done!
I’ve got lots of photographs somewhere of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but if I ever post them it will be in a separate post. So much detail has been placed into the construction and design of that building!

Finally, whilst it isn’t a church, cathedral or similar, this dental practice in Palma caught my eye!


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