Thursday, 15 September 2011

Photography Challenge Week #8

This week's theme for the photography challenge over at A Step in the Journey was Black & White.

Here's my shot for the week:

Eyes in the Woods

I spent most of my A-Level photography course shooting in black and white since my year group just missed out on photography courses embracing modern technology (i.e. digital cameras!). Conversely, my younger sister was able to shoot nearly all her photography coursework using a compact digital camera and was allowed to do as much photoshopping as she liked!
I felt a little ripped off at the time!
Now, I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn to develop film and print photographs manually! It's true that I've forgotten important things such as the amount of stop, developer, and fix needed, but at the time it was a handy skill to have (and saved me a fortune in film processing costs!)


  1. this is freaky and super cool. Great composition!!

  2. That is a super cool and interesting photo!

  3. I wouldn't have realized they were eyes until I read the title - then they popped out at me!

  4. Very cool picture! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!


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