Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wreck This Journal Update #2

For a while, I ran out of steam on my Wreck This Journal. It languished on a shelf whilst I got on with other things. I've done most of the 'easy' things, and the things I was most inspired to do.
Some pages are works in progress, such as 'a page for positive thoughts'--I'll fill this up over time!

However, I have completed some more pages so here's a little progress report!

I'm pleased with how this page turned out. It's not perfect, but WTJ isn't meant to be. It's supposed to be destructive!
As you can see, I got bored of my neat and tidy method on the right hand page. I like to fill both pages so the left hand page ended up being a bunch of flowers and a leaf that I picked up on a walk.

'Sample various substances found in your home.' This took me longer than it should have done, as substances have always been to hand! My colour themes went out of the window pretty fast.
I actually got a little help from this one--I took my Wreck This Journal with me when I went for a catch up with a neighbour, and she provided some soup and grape juice from her fridge! (Being a creature of creativity, she also provided me with a foot and number sticker for the front cover!)

'Collect the stamps off all your mail'.

Does anyone else get disappointed when post arrives and it doesn't have a traditional stamp on it? So many letters are franked nowadays, so many parcels arrive with a printed, goldish sticker-stamp attached that has been run off the machine at the post office. So rarely do our brown paper packages come tied up with string and stuck with a rainbow of postage stamps!

But I digress. This page took time, too, as stamped post doesn't show up often. I kinda cheated on this one as well, as I turned out a bunch of old postcards and chopped all the stamps from them ;) Technically it's still off my mail, but they're old!

There are still a few dozen pages waiting to be started, finished, or even looked at. Then there's the occasional blank page that I'll fill in as I like, and pages I don't know how to fill--we don't tend to have stickers on our fruit, or a compost bin (both needed for pages...) So I guess I'll have to think around those!

Do you have a Wreck This Journal?
Are you enjoying it?

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