Monday, 1 July 2013

Goals Progress #2

At the beginning of the year, I came up with a list of goals for 2013. The last time I looked at my progress was in March, so it's time for another little review!

A llama, because why not.

01. Make 100 unique necklaces
Done this. However, they're not all for sale!

02. Start up an Etsy store to sell said necklaces!
I set up my Etsy store months ago and recently added new stock!

03. Create some sewn items to sell on etsy, too
There's nothing on there at the moment, but I do have some 'Monstars' to sell and am planning to make more along a theme.

04. Prepare blog posts much further in advance…
Iffy on this one. Weekly posts such as Marvellous Monday and Pinning Inspiration get prepared in advance but a lot of others are still created 'on the fly'. It would be helpful if I tried harder at this one!

05. …but don’t get bogged down with following ‘blogging trends’ (unless they’re interesting to me)
Doing well at this, I think. I don't even know what the current trends are in blogland!

06. Likewise don’t feel pressured to create ‘seasonal’ crafts/posts (Halloween crafts at Easter? Why not!)
I'm managing this one, too. I'll make seasonal crafts if and when I feel like it. Perhaps it means I'll get fewer hits during seasonal times such as Christmas, but at the same time I hope that makes this blog a peaceful getaway from seasonal madness! 

07. Get a hair cut. Seriously. It needs doing. 
Did this earlier in the year. Now it's grown and needs cutting again, but I have an appointment at the hairdresser tomorrow! Hurrah!

08. Practice photography, both for blogging and in general
Not doing any of this, but I'm still addicted to instagram.

09. Write more original fiction outside of NaNoWriMo.
Haven't written anything recently! The creative part of my mind has been fixated on sewing and jewellery-making.

10. Have a big clear out and sell things on ebay.
Did this once, did this twice, ebay is still a huge drag but I'm in the process of yet another clear out so I guess I'll be heading to ebay once again soon!

11. Use Royal Pavilion & Museums membership card more before it expires!
It expired and barely paid for itself. Booo. I love the Royal Pavilion as it's fascinating to walk around, but I didn't renew my membership this year.

12. Paint.
Haven't done much of this lately, either, but I did spend some time splattering a costume with paint yesterday (splattering my feet, arms, and the garden in the process!)

13. Finish reading ‘Tired of London, Tired of Life’ and actually do some of the stuff in it. 
Finished reading ages ago, but haven't been to London to do anything from it yet!

14. Complete ‘Wreck This Journal’ (I got one for Christmas and its so much fun)
It's still in progress! I'm getting down to the 'harder to finish' bits, such as 'Compost this page. Watch it deteriorate.' part. We don't even have a compost bin...

15. Write more ‘personal’ blog posts (like this one!)
This goal has fallen by the wayside a little...

Did you set yourself goals for 2013?
How are you getting along with them?

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  1. Wow, you've been doing great with your goals. I made vague goals this year and of course that means I can't even tell if I'm meeting them, ha ha. Maybe I'll do a second half of the year list of goals. Hmmmm,'ve inspired me.


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