Wednesday, 8 May 2013


What’s better than being out and finding the perfect treasure?

Being in and finding the perfect treasure!

Long-forgotten treasures, packed away into a cupboard or attic, only to be rediscovered once again.

Though old and already owned, they’re just as precious as when they were fresh, new possessions. 

A necklace from a childhood pen-friend in a far-off land...

Tiny ammonites found on a trip to the fossil beach; shining gemstones and minerals...

Little notebooks: half-used, covered with bright oriental fabric...

And wooden friends with happy faces--

It’s all treasure, whether it’s freshly found, or refound!
Somehow, re-finding once-forgotten treasures seems even more special than finding new treasures. Old treasures have memories attached: the friend, the holiday, the school outing or the long-gone favourite shop. 
I can be a real hoarder sometimes. Before I'm tempted to buy more trinkets, I think I'll remember the treasures I already own!

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