Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pinning Inspiration #2

For the first Pinning Inspiration, I wrote about the youngest ever Nobel Peace Price Nominee and education activist, Malala Yousafzai.

Whilst I don’t intend to always write about people for this feature, today is going to be about everyone’s favourite moustached surrealist, Salvador Dali.

I find his work to be very inspiring and interesting to look at. Some of his paintings contain so much extra detail that it’s possible to notice new things each time you look at it!

Dali is most well-known for his melting clocks…

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

…lips sofa…

Source: via Kei on Pinterest
…and lobster telephone.

But of course, Dali created a lot more than the pieces he is most famous for. As well as painting, Dali turned his hand to sculpture, film, jewellery and ceramics, as well as costume design.

His style changed dramatically over the years, as he went from imitating others style as a teenager, to developing his own.

Neo-Impressionism and Cubism are included in the styles that Dali experimented with.

Some of his work contained ‘double images’, where objects in the piece create something else…

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

Whilst some pieces were filled with small details, others appear empty, desolate.

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

In many of his creations, Dali borrowed elements from his previous paintings and sketches.

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

As already mentioned, Dali created sculpture and worked on costume design. The above dress is by Elsa Schaparelli, using fabric designed by Dali. I’ve seen this one at an exhibition in the V&A, the tear print is really effective!

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

All in all, Dali’s work is very much inspiring. From his use of colour to the placement of everyday objects in unexpected place, Dali was an artist who thought outside the proverbial box, the result being a lifetime of artwork and worldwide infamy.

Did you know Dali was more than a painter?
Do you like Dali's artwork? Does it inspire you?
What do you think of the imagery and methods he used?

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