Saturday, 21 July 2012

Slash that Stash!

Do you ever get the feeling that your crafting stash is taking over your space?

I’ve made a resolution to craft using only what I have.

I’ll not buy more.

To try and stick to this, I’m sharing these pictures of my stash so it’s here for anyone to see that I have enough!

Also, I'd really appreciate suggestions for projects based on the crafting materials and tools I already have. So if you've got an idea, please do comment and let me know! :)

This drawer also houses some half-finished pieces and a couple of little boxes of charms, which I took out in order to take the picture.
Otherwise it’s beads, findings, jewellery to break up/broken jewellery and small pieces of crystal.
The rest of my jewellery-making materials won’t fit in the drawer, so live under the bed:

More beads, and tools...

Then of course there are fabrics. I’ve shared pictures of these cases previously, and wrote about the tags I made for them.

The amount of fabric has remained pretty constant--as I use some, I end up getting more!

An old makeup case houses zips, elastic, and embroidery floss. Most of the zips and embroidery floss were given to me, otherwise I’d hardly have any, but they’re useful things to own! 

Bias binding has its own box, too...

...I got this cute old cigar box from a charity shop! I’m a non-smoker but love these old boxes.

In another charity-shop find (a bargain at 50p) I keep my buttons...except the gold buttons have outgrown the box!

(Again, the majority of these have been given to me!)

Ribbons and lace trim live mostly in an old plastic case. Originally it was a Crayola art set--anyone remember those? 

Once more, I have some charity shop bargains amongst these. Most of the reels of ribbon were £1 each!

Of course, every crafting stash needs materials for embellishments...

Fabric paint, fabric pens, patches, rhinestones...

And for other crafts? Sequins. 

Lots and lots of sequins. And glitter!
This part of my stash only started up when a college friend began packing my Christmas cards with sequin shapes as a prank. (So of course, I retaliated in kind!)

Another box, for eyelets and studs! A while ago I bought the hole punch and a few bags of mixed eyelets from a charity shop for £2. Bargain! 

The two eyelet pliers (what are they actually called?!) were liberated from Mum’s unused crafting stash...muahahaha!

The box I keep these in is another one I love (and yes, you’ve guessed it, a charity shop find). One of the feet is damaged, so it’s a wobbly box, but it does its job!

More tools! These tend to float around in the drawer.

I haven’t even learnt to crochet and can only just knit a scarf.
...let’s call this the potential crafting part of my stash!

When it comes to sewing projects, the tools seem to reproduce whilst my back is turned!

Mum bought me the cardboard dressmaking board from a charity shop when I started sewing; she and my Dad bought me the self-healing cutting mat this year, along with a rotary cutter and a couple of quilting rulers!
Brit crafters might be interested to know the metre stick is from the tools/DIY section of Poundland :)

I wrote about the vintage sewing box before; the one on the left is simply an old shoebox to which I glued inspiring images…

...inside, it’s a bit of a mess. The little smiley guy smells faintly of lavender and shouldn’t actually be in there!

And of course, every crafting stash needs a big pile of books for information and inspiration!

...and patterns. Lots of patterns. 

Books pictured here (most of which were from a charity shop or library sale):
Betty Foster’s Adapting to Fashion
Short Cuts for Busy Dressmakers
The Batsford Book of Sewing
Customising Cool Clothes
Sew Wild
The Hat Book
Mixed Media and Memory Jewellery
The Complete Book of Handicrafts
The Art of Sewing Novel Materials
Gosu Rori vol 1-3 & 5 (Japanese sewing book)
Creative Soft Toy Making
A History of Fashion
Vintage Fashion Sourcebook
Fashions of A Decade: The 1970s
Fashion Artist: Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation

I forgot to include my old copy of The Encyclopedia of Needlework in this picture; it's small and I keep it in a different place to the other books! I wrote about some of these books over a year ago, and still haven't done some of the crafts in them! 

It's high time that changed!

So the question is, can I do it? I certainly have enough stuff, but can I craft using only what I have?

It’s going to be a challenge! 

Once again, if you have suggestions for projects I could do using this stuff, please tell me! It's always great to get input from others!


  1. Oywey... that's a LOT of stuff. f you exchange the fabric for paper and felt, you can guess what my stash looks like... beads, feathers, frames, clay, more frames, wire, additional beads, chicken wire, fabric paint, beads for good measure. I am a friggin hoarder. And that's just the contents of ONE drawer unit!
    Seeing your fabrics... hm, maybe a lamp shade? With a nice beaded hem? Or a set of wall decorations- basically fabric glued to cardboard boxes (like flat cereal boxes or something) to resemble a, get this, box frame ;) If you like sewing, you could do some amazing gypsy style patchwork curtains.
    The sequins are begging to be turned into specimen art, me thinks. I did something similar with wee spider sequins for Hallowe'en, loved it, so EASY!

  2. I am thinking about all of those beads and chains, check out these from Bev of Flamingo Toes it uses a lot of chains and pearls up. I have one and I love it. I love the Willy Nilly Bracelet, you can use any kind of beads that you like to make it. I have made a few of them, I like them so much Here is something to make from practically nothing and sequins I will come back if I think of more ideas :)

    1. Here is something that uses zippers, ribbons, old jeans (or you could use other fabric I am sure) and fabric. My mom made me one and I use it all of the time
      Hmm buttons.....
      Check some of these out:
      button bracelet
      button bracelet
      button bracelet
      button bracelet
      made with a bracelet blank (not sure if you have one but this is so cool)
      bead and button necklace

      zipper bracelet


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