Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Few Little Random Photographs

Every so often, I'll take a photograph with the intention of sharing it here.
Then it never happens, usually because I want to make longer posts rather than just share one photo.

So this is a little image-dump of photographs I've accumulated over the months!

First off is the fulfilment of a request :)

Terry of These Peas Taste Funny and Write.Create.Connect commented on my Amethyst Collar:
I really want to see you modelling it,...I wonder if you can be convinced. :)
...yep, I can!  :D
I had a haircut last Saturday and dyed it was meant to come out purple but didn't turn out so good. But that's okay, I like this random colour! Was also trying out some green mascara and eyeliner that sister #1 gave me.
Excuse the frazzled expression. I blame the heat and lack of sleep!

Moving on!

This is the heron that frequents the pond near my house. Usually he (she?) sits on the far side, but on the day I took this picture, he was on the near side, oblivious to all the commotion coming from the builders next door. Of course I still had to zoom in a bit, but this birdy was not going to allow himself to be bothered by humans with cameras.
Unusual, since normally he takes off the moment anybody goes near the pond :)

Herons look quite strange when they fly, I think! They look like they belong in the time of dinosaurs!

This is a necklace I made recently. I won't be posting a tutorial because I didn't take photographs as I made it. This was one of those, 'I'm bored, what stuff can I stick together?' projects!
The mini picture was 50p in a charity shop--I bought five of them several years ago with various crafty projects in mind! The chain was from a junk/scrap drawer, I'm not sure what it's original use was because it seems an unusual shape--anyone have any ideas?
Originally the beads were one of those crystal bracelets that were all the rage about ten years ago! The elastic had worn so I took off the beads and kept them for future use! To attach them to the chain, I used eye pins. It was a bit fiddly, but I like the end result.

Mirrors and trays at a Morrocan market that happened in a nearby town. I didn't by anything but this place was full of beautiful furniture and decor!

This door, also at the Moroccan market, particularly tickled me. Not only does it look like it has a face, but I love how it was set up to stand in the middle of the pathway--a door to another realm!

The market also sold jewellery, traditional food (cooked fresh!), handbags, trinket boxes and things like soap, beauty products and herbs. It was really lovely to wander around it, despite the weather! I didn't buy anything this time around as I was rather lacking in money, so I hope next time I'll have something to spend on a lovely piece of jewellery, some delicious-smelling soaps, or maybe a little trinket box.
And of course, those traders do love to haggle :)


  1. I love the choker you made and it really looks great on you:-) The necklace is so sweet with the little picture frame. I always save beads and trinkets from broken just never know when they'll come in handy.

  2. Your hair looks great like that - even if the colour wasn't intentional lol The green eyeliner is also lovely! *.*

    The mini-picture necklace is amazing too! (I also like that you used "The Picture of Dorian Gray" as the background ;D ) Is it heavy to wear?

    Also, the chain looks like one that used to be on a hanging basket in my house (not the gardening kind, just a basket that hung from the ceiling), but that's the only thing it reminded me of.

    PS: The heron is...defending his a little vampire heron. *grins*

  3. look amazing (the mascara looks great on you). Love your new do and colour and that necklace looks great on you. Thanks for sharing it. :) I also love the necklace too. The little portrait is beautiful.


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