Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tidied and Thrifted

When I went to volunteer on Friday, I told myself, ‘No more purchases!’

I am an utter devil for charity shops. I see things that I fall in love with, discover the bargain price and before I know it I’m handing over a few coins in exchange for something awesome.

Of course, my resolution to not spend anything crumbled once I reached the shop!

I found these lovelies, for 50p:

They’re retro pillow cases; the stitching has come undone in places and there are a couple of small holes, but that doesn’t matter since I bought them for the fabric. I love the pattern--isn't it gorgeous?

I’ve plenty of ideas for how to use this fabric so keep watching to see what I do with it!

On the subject of using up fabric, I sorted my collection yesterday...

This lot fills two large boxes that live under the bed. The boxes have lids that I have to sit on in order to close!
Originally the fabric was all over the place, but I decided it was about time to have a little organisation--now it’s sorted by colour which is much better.

From there I went on to deal with my collection of patterns. They were stored in an A1 art folder, but it was becoming tiresome to find what I was looking for. Shop-bought ones weren’t so bad since they were in the original envelopes, but the ones I’ve drawn myself were are a nightmare to find, since they were folded up and without shiny pictures.
I needed to make a change.

Then I remembered the ring-binders I turned out recently. 

Problem solved! 

The patterns are pretty bulky so I’m weighting them down with books before putting them away. It's such a relief to get this sorted!


  1. I had to smile since I too am a devil for Thrifting and always promise myself I will defer from making a Purchase... and then... CAVE madly when something beckons to me! *winks*

    Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving such a sweet comment and becoming a Supporter... I'm glad you are enjoying my World as I share it.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Your words this Morning to today's leg of the Tranquility Tour Post were encouraging to me. As our Family moves through a difficult time I am finding that Blogging for inspiration not only helps me, but has thankfully also inspired others in the process... I Love this Land Of Blog & never expected it to be so very enriching! Thank you for taking the time to stop by again... have a wonderful day!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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