Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tutorial: Pinbox Pincushion

I have now joined Pinterest, thanks to the lovely Suesan at Frou-FruGal! Thanks Suesan!
I'm having lots of fun pinning all the pretty things I see, and checking out what other people are pinning, too! 

When I first started sewing, I bought a little box of dressmaking pins, which I still use. The box had its own little pincushion on top, effectively a little dome of sponge.
Like everything, it wore out through heavy use and was starting to fall off!

So whilst I was sewing my old sock pincushion, I replaced it: 

This is stuffed with another old sock and made using a little scrap of leftover fabric (and bright pink cotton to use up what was left on the reel)

Here’s a quick tutorial on making a pin box lid pincushion--it's super-simple!

Time needed: 10-20 minutes

You’ll need:
Old sock or toy filling (for stuffing)
Scrap card
Needle & thread
Multipurpose glue
Glue gun & glue sticks
Sewing machine (optional!)

1. If you’ve got a pin box like mine, pull off the old sponge and draw around it onto a piece of scrap card. Alternatively, draw around the lid and take off a few millimetres all around.

2. Cut out the circle you drew and use this as a guide to draw two circles onto the wrong side of your fabric--one around 1cm bigger all around, one approximately 3-4cm bigger. Cut the circles out.

3. Using multipurpose glue, fix the cardboard circle to the centre of your smaller circle and leave to dry.

4. Stitch around the edge of the large circle using a running stitch and pull the end threads to gather. At this stage, switch on your glue gun to allow it to heat up.

5. With the right side of the fabric facing inward, stitch the two circles together, leaving a gap for turning it the right way. Try not to stitch through the card.

6. Turn the right way (I had the bend the card a little to do this). Sew up the gap by hand and use the glue gun to fix the pin cushion to the top of the pin box.


  1. Hi, I have just joined Pinterest this week too! I am now following you, not sure all the ins and outs of it yet, but will start looking into it!

  2. This is darling! We just wanted to stop by and hank you for linking up to our party! We would love to have you come back again tomorrow for Strut Your Stuff Saturday!
    Camille @


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