Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tutorial: Trash necklace (part 1)

Want a new, funky necklace but don’t have the cash? Get your craft on and dig out that trash!
Well, not literally. That could be rather messy.
But with a little nose through your recycling box, a bit of glue and some spare time you can have your own funky trash necklace.


Time needed: 10-20 mins

You’ll need:
Multipurpose glue
Existing necklace chain or similar

A selection of:
Scrap paper e.g. magazines
Toilet roll tubes
Plastic bag (e.g. packaging from cotton wool pads)

Scrap paper:

1. Tear into long rectangles.

2. Twist the rectangles and curl into a circle, as if you’re tying a knot.

3. Use a dab of glue to stick down the ends.

Toilet roll tubes:

1. Cut up the length of the tube and cut into strips.

2. Curl the strips around themselves, sticking the ends with glue. Use paperclips or hairgrips to hold the ends down until the glue has dried.

Plastic bag:

1. Cut into loops

2. Twist the strip once to make a figure of 8 and bend the two halves over each other to make a smaller circle. Twist so it holds its shape.
For this I used the packaging left over from a pack of cotton wool. 

Once your rings are dried, thread them onto an existing chain or similar.  Either use just one material (I found a necklace of scrap paper rings looked best) or mix them up for an edgier style! 

Use fabric to take this recycled necklace idea one step further: see part 2 here!

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