Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tutorial: Black Flower Ring

I love rings. I love flowers. And I love black.
So when I saw a gorgeous silver and black onyx rose ring in a magazine, you can bet that I wanted it!

Unfortunately, said ring was not particularly within my price range.

So what does a girl do when she can’t afford new pretties?
She makes them herself of course!

Here’s mine:
 Black flower ring, made with black flower bead and wire

And here’s the inspiration:
 Sterling Silver & Black Onyx ring, RRP £50, Pandora Spring Collection 2011
(isn’t it beautiful?)

This post wouldn’t be complete without a tutorial, so here goes!

Time needed: 30 minutes (approx)

You’ll need:
Black flower bead with shank
Wire (I used some cheap stuff I bought on ebay; it’s very pliable!)
Flat-nose and round-nose pliers
Wire cutters

1. Cut several pieces of wire. For this ring I used six 15cm lengths of wire--the number of pieces of wire should be as many as the petals on your bead, plus one extra. Curl one end of all but one of the lengths of wire, using round-nose pliers.

2. Slip the bead onto the end of the left over wire length and bend the wire around itself to secure.

3. Place the curled end of one piece of wire in the space between two of the petals on the bead. Bend the wire slightly around the side and base of the bead. Repeat with the other pieces of wire (this is quite fiddly but don’t worry about getting the placement perfect at this point!)

4. Twist the lengths of wire together! The curled ends will probably come away from the top of the bead, which brings me to the next step...

5.  Bend the wire so the flower lies flat and use flat-nose pliers to reposition your curled ends on the flower.

6. Optional: Use flat-nose pliers to flatten the twisted ring band a little. 

7.  Wrap the wire around the knuckle of the finger you want to wear the ring on. I made the mistake of wrapping it around the base of my finger, so ended up with a pinky ring instead of one for my ring finger. Oops.
Untwist the ends of the wire so there is no overlap then wrap one of the ends around the base of the flower bead to secure, curling the end as in step one.

8. Wrap the remaining lengths of wire partway around the base, cutting off excess and curling the ends over. Use flat-nose pliers to tuck all ends under the flower.

9. If necessary, readjust the wire on top of the flower bead, and you’re done! Wear it, work it and be fabulous (and smug about saving £50).

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  1. Oh my goodness that is so gorgeous - and so clever!! I love the way you curl the wire to hold the little flower in place. Beautiful!

  2. its very beautiful...and looks as good as your inspiration...will try it out

  3. I am very impressed! That looks great! :)

  4. Wow! I am impressed. I made a bracelet last year and posted about it. Jewelry making takes PATIENCE!

  5. Beautiful work! The other day I saw an advert on TV for the ring this is based on. You should make a more interesting version of that too! XD

  6. Beautiful! You have a great imagination! I wonder how this would look with silver and copper wires twisted, with a different color bead? If I try it, I'll send it to you, as long as I can upload well enough! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love your idea! I have a red rose button I want to try this with. Thanks!


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