Saturday, 15 November 2014

Easiest Christmas Pine Cone Ornaments

Alright, so I haven't updated here for ages, and it's been even longer since I shared a DIY!
So here I am, with a shiny new tutorial for pine cone baubles!

This how to is ridiculously easy and obvious, and there's a no-sew version, yay!

You'll need:
Pine cones
Drawing pins
Needle and thread to match ribbon (skip this if going for the no-sew option)
Fray stopper/clear nailpolish/glue to stop ribbon fraying
Scissors or pinking shears

01. Cut ribbon to size of loop & seal ends with fray stopper/other (I used clear glue)
02. Overlap ends and stitch together, then pin to bottom of cone with a drawing pin.
No-sew version - for those who can't sew a stitch, or don't have the time!
Just overlap the ends and pin to the cone :) 

03. Repeat until you have a collection, ready to hang on the tree!

Cut a length of ribbon, pin one end to the bottom of the cone, and repeat until you have enough to hang, at different lengths, in a window! (I wanted to do this but didn't have enough supplies!)

I made a set of these to go on the Christmas tree in the window of the place I volunteer at. If I'd had the time I would have liked to paint the end of the cones gold but I didn't have time for the paint to dry before the window had to be done!

The window display turned out well, anyway. We went for a 'Victorian Christmas' theme this year and I spent last weekend sewing stockings, making stick star ornaments, and cutting up an old box to make a fireplace and mantelpiece!

Maybe next year I'll have the time to spray-paint those pine cones!

As I wrote at the start of this post, this was a super-easy DIY and so obvious it barely needs posting. But hey, new content!
I know this blog has been quiet this year; I've been doing more blogging over at Doing A Thing and haven't honestly created any 'new' crafts that I could share a DIY for. Here's hoping next year brings more creativity!

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  1. The window display is really eye-catching and looks fantastic ^^ The mantle/fireplace is amazing! Also, the pinecone decorations came out really well, even without the gold tips ^^


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